Classroom Activities

Here are ideas for activities related to One for the Murphys:

I just read One for the Murphys this summer and have not implemented this yet, but I was thinking it would be cool to have kids reading different books where the main character is a foster child. I think it would help students with their empathy and understanding around foster families.

Julie Kirchner

Love, love, love One for the Murphys. Great books to add to the conversation: 10 Rules of Being a Superhero by Deb Pilutti and Kid President's Guide to Being Awesome. TY, Lynda for gifting us with these books and the space to share our ideas.

JoEllen McCarthy

After reading One for the Murphys aloud with my 5th graders, we analyzed the lyrics to Mariah Carey's song, "Hero," and wrote about how Carley's life and journey connect to the song. We also created an "I Can Be Someone's Hero By..." bulletin board and video. Thank you for this amazing book!

Kristen Picone

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