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In my reading class we read this book, i thought it was a great book. I had never read a book that had a character that was in foster care, better than i expected. The thing that got me into this book was the book trailers, they explained the book very well.

The entire time I read One for the Murphys I thought of the foster siblings I had during my childhood. This book helped me understand them better than the 10 years that I lived with them. I've never cried reading a book like I did the last fifteen pages of One for the Murphys. Such a powerful read!

Audra Reed

I really liked the emotions throughout this book. Some parts were sad and some parts were very cheerful. This book had so much plot twist it kept making me think about what would happen next. Remember the part where Mrs. Murphey reveled that she was a foster kid, I think you should make a prequel.

I realized my mom was an alcoholic at the age of 8, but no one could say anything about it. My father would say she was "sick". She would volunteer for activities, and wouldn't show up. In the end she went in to a diabetic coma and "lived" for 5 more years.

Margaret Ouellette

I had trouble in math and i could not do it.I went home every night saying to myself i just do not get it.We had a test in a few days so i finally sat down and thought about it forever.That day i relized i need to focus .I got my test back and i got a A i was so happy that day.DO NOT STOP BELIVING


one day my mom and dad got into a big fight then my mom and dad split up and now every weekend i have to try to find time to see if i can go to my dad's house it can be very hard because i want to go but sometimes i have other places. If i win please contact my teacher at


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