In-Person Visits

NOTE: Due to Covid, Lynda will not be visiting any schools during the 2020-2021 school year. However, if you would like to 

inquire about a VIRTUAL visit, please visit my Virtual Visit PAGE HERE.

Stay safe, my friends…

To inquire about a visit from Lynda, please email her booking agent at VisitWithLMH(at) **PLEASE include,

(1) Your location 

(2) Grade level(s) that Lynda would be speaking with

(3) What time of year you’d prefer (if you know)

** If you are a ONE BOOK/ONE SCHOOL inquiry, PLEASE let us know! 



Wishing you and yours a Silver Dollar Day :-


THANK YOU for your interest. I am honored by your interest and never take it for granted. <3

In-person Author Presentations:

As an experienced teacher, I love to speak with children in grades 4 and up about writing. The following program includes a humorous PowerPoint slide show. Time frame is designed for 45-60 minutes. (I will tweak time a bit depending on the schedule I am given. I am also happy to work with schools to fit their needs.)

A full day visit is a limit of 3 one-hour presentations. I am also happy to do lunch with staff and/or kids and sign books. Upon booking you will receive a questionnaire so we can build the perfect school visit. You will also receive information on how to order my books through my publisher at a deep discount.

SCHOOL VISITS: Author Introduction & Using Real Life to Create Fiction:

Readers are connected to stories/characters by feeling emotion—not by being awash in facts.  Using engaging true stories of loyalty, love, hardships, and resilience, I will illustrate how I used these experiences to create One for the Murphys and Fish in a Tree. School program includes:

  • Intro to author and journey to publication (age appropriate – focuses on self-doubt and perseverance)
  • Backstory for One for the Murphys
  • Backstory for Fish in a Tree
  • Backstory for Shouting at the Rain
  • Suggestion on how to infuse your stories with emotion
  • Childhood info about my struggles with academics as well as bullying in school—HUGE focus on resilience and grit, finding your people and the bravery it takes to do that. Also, the importance of carving out the life you want.
  • My not-so-mainstream writing process and how marching to the beat of my own drummer has worked for me.
  • Adding tension to your writing
  • Character development exercises
  • Q&A (if the schedule permits)

Please contact me for more information. I am happy to tailor presentations to your needs and/or curricula (including presentations for teachers and writers). All student presentations will encompass grade-level appropriate facets of The Core Standards.

Writing workshops (for kids):

I will do a writing workshop for a small group of up to 25. I would suggest to schools that they include children with a bit of stubborn passion for writing rather than just the “best” writers.

Writing workshops (for adults):

I will do programs for adult writers on topics such as finding an agent, organization for the non-linear thinker, and marketing.

Keynotes/Presentations for Teacher Groups:

Considering that FISH IN A TREE is one giant thank you note to teachers, I love speaking with them. First of all, I was a teacher for almost 10 years, so I know the experience — the frustrations and triumphs — very well. My presentation is a series of stories that shine a light upon education told while wearing three “hats”– former child, former teacher, and an author. As part of this presentation, I will discuss some ways we can reach the reluctant readers and “unreachable” child. Lastly, I will leave teachers with some poignant reminders that, of all the careers in the world, they have chosen one of the very few where they have opportunities to really make a difference. Society does not value teachers the way that it should but make no mistake…Teachers change lives. Every day.

Rates (2020-2021 school year) for Visit info

All school visits include bookmarks for all students and faculty who attend my presentations, some additional surprises for teachers & students, and unending enthusiasm for kids and their teachers.

Southern New England ~ (MA, RI, CT) Full Day Program: $2,800    

Mileage reimbursement at $.50/mile

If your location is more than a 30 miles west from The Bourne Bridge, I will kindly ask for one night in a Hampton Inn hotel. As we all know, traffic is a gamble in the morning.

Half Day Program: TWO one-hour programs with Q&A and bookmarks for kids: $1,700 (I may request to kindly be scheduled between 10:00 and 3:00 to allow for travel across state – depending on where you are.)

Outside of Southern New England Full Day Program that are drivable FROM The Cape: $3,500

If the visit is drivable (New England, parts of NY and NJ) I will please ask to be reimbursed for a hotel room for whatever number of days I present plus one. Also, I will kindly ask for mileage reimbursement calculated at $.50/mile.

If the visit requires airfare, I will kindly ask for $5,000 for the first school (INCLUDES honorarium, flight, hotel, and rental car) and $3,500 for every school after that within the drivable area of school #1.  So, if 3 school book a visit with Lynda within the SAME WEEK, the cost split 3 ways would be $4,000 each. One school booking will be $5,000)



Thank you, thank you, thank you for considering me as a choice for your visiting author. There are so many choices of wonderful books/authors out there–I never take your interest for granted.