Virtual Visits






So, if you are reading this, I assume you are.a teacher and/or a school librarian.


First off. Let me begin with an ENORMOUS thank you for all you are doing. These times are unprecedented but I am grateful that there are professionals such as yourself who are out there championing kids. All the while, I pray that you are all safe and healthy.


TAHNK YOU for your interest in a virtual visit with me.



However, please consider using these videos I have made for readers:

One for the Murphys page:


Thank you,



Connecting with readers is my most favorite part of this author gig! Therefore, I am happy to do a “Meet the Author” Skype visit in which I will begin with a brief introduction re: where my books “came from” and then take three questions from your readers (total of 15-20 minutes) at no charge. I ask that your students have either read or heard One for the Murphys (grades five and up) or Fish in a Tree (grades three and up). Please have questions prepared ahead of time as our Skype will run more smoothly that way.

The cost of a full 45-50 minute Skype visit is $350. I will give a brief intro but this is mostly just straight Q&A for your kids. (no powerpoint/screen sharing)


THANK YOU for your interest in connecting with me! To inquire about a virtual visit, please e-mail your answers to the following questions:


(1) What kind of virtual visit are you interested in?


(a) Free 15 minute Skype when I answer 3 questions from your kids

(b) 45-minute virtual visit where I will provide a brief introduction and then answer questions/chat with your kids for 45-50 minutes. ($350)

(c) A full powerpoint/screen sharing experience for your kids where I will do much of what I would do at an in-person visit. This program is tailor made to your needs, specifically, by aligning my presentation to your answers to a special questionnaire filled out by you ahead of time. I                   will also include a Q&A for your kids. Program up to 70 minutes. This includes a digitally signed bookmark for each of your kids which will be shipped directly from the printer. ($1,000)


NOTE: No recording of presentations, please.

Honorarium MUST be received before bookmarks are shipped or virtual visit can occur.

(2) Your location 

(3) Grade level(s) of the children who will attend


(4) How MANY children will attend?

(5) Which of my books will your students will have read? (This year, I must prioritize schools whose kids are familiar with my work. It makes for a deeper visit for them.)

(3) What time of year you’d prefer (if you know)

** If you are a ONE BOOK/ONE SCHOOL inquiry, PLEASE let us know! 

Please send your responses to these questions to my fantastico Author Visit Coordinator, Andrea, at

Wishing you a Silver Dollar Day!